rina (relentlessfire) wrote in m8n_slash,


Yeah, so I AM going to update Whiskey and Aspirin, in case you were wondering. I have spent the last month or so planning my wedding so my fic kind of got put up on a shelf for that period. Man, there's a lot of stuff to organise! The dress, the food, the decorations, relatives coming to stay etc. But I got married on the 22nd April and it's all over now so I can get back to my writing! Hopefully I shall have part 11 done within the next week, although my cousin is presently staying with me so I might not be able to write about boys kissing with him in the room! It makes me feel uncomfortable trying to write slash when I'm not alone. Like Stephen King once said, writing is a solitary activity, like masturbation! And you can't do that when someone else is around, can you? But I'll try. To write, I mean... ;)

Thanks for sticking around. See you again (hopefully) soon!
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