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One cannot live freely without embracing suicide and crime.

A pact made with relentless fire that requires that while some live, others die.

Murder By Numbers - Fan Fiction (slash)
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"Each of us has within us a weak aspect, eager to give up the freedom for the comfort of being dominated. But we also have a will to power, that desires freedom, that insists on deciding for ourselves, each of us individually... what is good... and what is evil..." -Justin Pendleton

Were you one of those people sitting in the theater watching intensely as the two main male characters came closer and closer to what could have been a glorious kiss? Did you scream under your breath in frustration when it did not happen?! Every time Richard would caress Justin's face or hair did you want to yell to the four winds "Can't you fools all see it? They're in love!" Then this is the place for you!

Hello and welcome! This is a fan fiction community dedicated to the film 'Murder By Numbers' starring Michael Pitt and Ryan Gosling. And mainly to the slashiness between the two boys. Sure there are quite a few web sites, message boards and groups dedicated to this particular fandom but what's one more on LJ turf gonna hurt? ;)


Once that you've decided on a killing
First you make a stone of your heart
And if you find that your hands are still willing
Then you can turn a murder into art.

-Murder By Numbers - The Police


Rules & Guidelines:

All Murder By Numbers fictions are welcome, including RPS. We are not limited to slash only. Off-topic discussions are fine, as long as it pertains to one or more of the actors. Movie photos, images and manips are extremely welcome. Plagiarizing will NOT be tolerated. Nor will Flaming. Feedback is always a plus... to do it in a polite and helpful manner is divine. Oh, and one more thing... the lj-cut tag is your friend, please try to use it with long fics. Just to keep things neat, simple and easy to read.

A header similar to this one will do just fine.


Please keep in mind i'm not a writer. I am a lover of the fics that have been produced thus far. I just wanted another place to keep it all coming. So in retrospect, this community was created out of pure selfishness. :p

(This community was created by me, burroughsghost. Questions, comments, anything else, e-mail me at the above address.)

***Slash is a genre of fanfic which deals exclusively with same sex homoerotic relationships.***